Can I Water my Houseplants with Culligan Soft Water?

Asked October 17, 2019, 6:29 AM EDT

Can I water my houseplants with Culligan Soft Water?

Alpena County Michigan houseplants

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Softened water usually has a lot of salts in it, which will not necessarily kill plants, but it is not good for plant roots. You will know you have a problem if you get build up on the edges of house plant pots: A chalky build-up is an indication of too much salt. During the warmer months, use water collected outside, such as that in a rain barrel or other container that can collect rain water- or use water from a lake/stream. In the winter, you may want to switch to distilled water from the store for your plants. Alternatively- leaving soft (or hard) water out in a container for a while can allow some of the minerals and salts to settle. When you do that, use the water on the top, but pour out the bottom of the container where the salts may have settled.