care and feeding of an ACER palm variety dissectum "Viridis"

Asked October 16, 2019, 3:09 PM EDT

a friend gave me what I believe to be a Japanese Maple, the name on the tag is as above, and I do not know how to care for it. Everything I find on line indicates it is hardy to zone 5. We are in zone 4 and I swear sometimes the front yard is zone 3. Anyway the plant is in a pot. Should I bring it in to winter over in side? If it can stay outside is it too late to plant it? Please help

Ramsey County Minnesota

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You are correct that Acer palmatum var. dissectum is not hardy in Minnesota and if you plant it in the garden, it may not survive:

Your choices are quite limited. Probably the best would be to pot it and bring the pot into a protected, unheated area, such as a garage, over winter. Be sure to water thoroughly before moving it. Then move it sometime in late November. Of course, as the plant gets larger (it is a small tree, by the way), this will become more difficult.

Sinking the pot in the ground, as we often suggest for overwintering potted plants, will present the same problems as simply planting it. If you plant it, give it plenty of winter protection, especially around the root zone. Check this post: