Clover Lawn

Asked October 16, 2019, 2:47 PM EDT

When we moved to our current house the yard was at least 50% zoysia -but one extremely hot summer unfortunately killed it all. Since then we've noticed a surge in what I believe is white clover - in addition to wild strawberries and dandelions. I'm looking at getting chickens next spring and moving them around the yard in a chicken tractor. Not just for eggs, but also to hopefully help repair our sad post-zoysia lawn. If I were to seed the ground after each move of the chickens - would I seed with all clover - or do I need to add clover to grass seed? (and if so, which is the best for Omaha weather?) The yard ranges from full sun to speckled sun (through tree branches) - there are almost no full shade areas. What are the benefits and risks of an all clover (or mostly clover) lawn?

Douglas County Nebraska

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Hello -

Dutch white clover is the most commonly used to seed into lawns. It makes for a good ground cover. However clover in most instances is considered a weed and will move in to neighboring properties. Clover does will where it will receive at least six hours of direct uninterrupted sunlight.