Are the nuts in the picture affected by frost?

Asked October 16, 2019, 1:18 PM EDT

What I really want to ask you; I want technical assistance from your faculty by a specialist in the field of hazelnut. The pictures I send in e mail are pictures of the frost damage I took in the hazelnut field. there are damages of harmful insects in some pictures. According to these pictures I want you to have hazelnut cold (frozen) damage ? The information you provide is very important for me. date of damage : 04.20.2019 (4 April) damage detection date : 06.23.2019 (23 june) terrain altitude : 161 meters land topography : Valley nuts type name : Çakıldak or Delisavar (Turkish name) air temperature at the time of damage : -1 degre 0 (zero) degre


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I doubt it. the fact that other leaves and flowers are unaffected and the damage is in the interior of the canopy rather than the exterior all indicate to me that this is not frost damage. It could be a disease