Aeration and reseeding my lawn.

Asked October 16, 2019, 11:49 AM EDT

We have about 25,000 square feet of lawn in north Greeley. It is a mixture of different types of grass (and weeds). We are wanting to add more drought-resistant grass that will eventually dominate the lawn. We have been told that the best way to do this is to "plug-aerate" and then spread a drought-resistant seed over the existing lawn this fall - not next spring. Is this a good time to do this, and is this a good strategy?

Weld County Colorado

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This link from CSU Extension talks about renovating your lawn.
The plan you present is workable, too. It is getting a little late for the grass seed to put out roots and stay alive through the winter, so spring is probably going to give you the best results.
Also, you want to make sure the seed you buy doesn't have a lot of weeds and 'other' material in it. A purchase from a seed company rather than an over-the-counter purchase would be a good investment. There are several quality seed companies in Greeley and Northern Colorado that can recommend a drought resistant seed.
I'm also attaching a link to taking care of your lawn once it's established and growing.
A secret to keeping weeds at bay is to mow high -- at least 2.5 to 3", and to water deeply which requires different technique if you have clay soil or sandy soil.

Good luck with your new lawn.