Pine needles on rain garden

Asked October 16, 2019, 9:28 AM EDT

Our long needled pine trees have just shed a great deal of needles on our rain garden and the mulch around the plants. My husband thinks we should just leave the needles but I'm concerned that the needles will change the ph of the rain garden soil making it more acidic which I don't believe would be good for the native perennials. What do you think? I'm happy to remove as many pine needles as I can to avoid any harm to the plants in the rain garden. Cathy~

Dakota County Minnesota

1 Response

Pine needles actually will not negatively impact your soil pH. They will neutralize as they gradually decompose. They can actually be a good mulch. So you can leave them, if you wish, and use them in the same way as you would other mulches. See the link below for more information. (Scroll down to third question in article in link below)