Are these blue berry plants diseased?

Asked October 15, 2019, 11:24 PM EDT

I have a southern highbush Oneil , and a Bountiful Blue blue berry plant i recently bought from a nursery. I transferred them to bigger pots from their nursery containers a month ago using hydrangea mix as well as general potting soil. I have also given them a bit of Espoma brand soil acidifier to lower the ph of the soil.

The soil drains well and i only water them about once a week. There are no bugs present as far as i can tell.

After the first week of transferring them the leaves began changing, curling, turning red, and shriveling. The stems of both plants have had a mild red or pronounced red color besides the woodiness. I believe they are about 2-3 year old plants. Both plants have leaves that have started to fall off on their own or are very loose on the stem. I am worried because the leaves look similar to pictures of Root Rot and Bacterial Scorch taht ive seen on the internet.

The first image is the oneil and the second is the bountiful blue


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