What type of palm tree and is there a specific way to transplant?

Asked October 15, 2019, 5:23 PM EDT

Hello We just bought our own house and would like to transplant this palm tree to the front yard. My questions are 1. What type of palm is this? 2. Is there a specific way to transplant a palm tree? 3. How deep of a hole do I need to dig to put it in? Thanks in advance!

Manatee County Florida

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I'm not positive, but it looks like a pygmy date palm, Phoenix roebelenii. It apparently has a very poor chance of being successfully transplanted. Apparently the pygmy date palms don't like their roots disturbed, and often people don't dig a beg enough rootball. If you do decide to dig it, make sure the rootball is huge enough that it will take 3-4 brawny people to move it. The size of the hole should be two feet WIDER than the rootball, and the same depth as the rootball. If it doesn't put out new leaves after transplanting, or the new growth is limp and yellow, the plant may not survive. Good luck!