Sudden Onset Blue Spruce Problem

Asked October 15, 2019, 4:24 PM EDT

I have a small blue spruce, transplanted this year, which is suddenly exhibiting reddish brown needles since the first extended hard freeze last week. Prior to that, it was attracting wasps. I have not been able to detect obvious boring holes at the base, middle, and top of the trunk. What is your opinion of the cause of this and what treatment would you recommend? See attached pics.

Elbert County Colorado

2 Responses

It is likely the cause for this yellowing was the cold snap. I would recommend giving the tree a deep root watering before the full onset of winter and making sure to water it throughout the winter when we have warm weather.

I cannot speak to the wasps other than to say it was a record year for the populations.

Please review the following link...

Thank you very much. This is consistent with what I was told by my arborist.