Desert willow new growth of leaves are tiny

Asked October 15, 2019, 2:19 PM EDT

All branches were showing the new growth of leaves as very small and clustered together. Took a sample to our local plant nursery. They could not tell us what it exactly but suggested we cut back all affected branches. The picture shows how it grew back. How do we treat this. It is now affecting our sage shrubs the same way.

El Paso County Texas

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There are several pest and pathogen that could cause such "clustered" growth also known as rosetting. However, you also mentioned that your sage plants are exhibiting similar symptoms. When different types of plant exhibit similar symptoms - I would ask for plant owner to review to see if there were any chemical applications (herbicides, fertilizers, etc) that were use within the 2 weeks of first signs of symptoms. If none jumps out, I would suggest submitting a sample to a plant disease diagnostic clinic for confirmatory pathogen detection evaluation.
You can find information about the Texas Plant Disease DIagnostic Lab at (our submission form and fee schedule are located on this website). IF submitted, request for a routine evaluation.