tree diagnosis

Asked October 15, 2019, 1:52 PM EDT

Pine tree branches turning brown in random areas. See att pic. Also there is an issue with my Cherry Blossom. See att pic. I live in the yellow springs area of frederick Thanks,

Frederick County Maryland

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Based on your photos we think this looks like normal fall color and leaf drop brought on by the drought. No control is necessary. Water the trees deeply up until the ground freezes if we do not receive rain.

Cherry tree - This looks like the tree was subject to a fungal disease possibly cherry shot hole. This can be common when we have wet spring weather and may continue to infect leaves throughout the growing season if rainy weather persists. You will also see some defoliation. In most cases trees recover from these diseases and no treatment is necessary. Remove and dispose of fallen leaves in the fall to reduce overwintering pathogens. Here is more about it.