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Asked October 15, 2019, 12:02 PM EDT

My neighbor has a good sized patch of Kyllinga. I believe it to be False Green Kyllinga as it has the small round seed balls. Currently both of our yards are being devoured by wire grass (perhaps Bermuda grass?) and I am curious if this could out grow the wire grass and maybe be a way to get rid of it and maybe then we could remove our "savior" and go back to real grass. That would be iffy because all of our neighbors have the wire grass and I have noted that it sends out lots of seeds. When I moved here 43 years ago there was a lush lawn and all I did was mow, water and fertilize, and one day I looked down and saw that I had a disaster. Any thoughts would be much appreciated

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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Take a look at our website on green kyllinga for more information. This is not an easy weed to control and it will not outcompete the wiregrass. There are specific post emergent herbicides for control/suppression. It is best used when the weed is young and may take several applications. Follow label directions.

Bermuda grass is another very difficult weed to control. The best approach is to wait until August and to use RoundUp or another glyphosate product to totally kill the grass in the area. If there is any regrowth you can apply a second application of glyphosate to control the weed. Then you can reseed or sod. You have up until mid October to seed. See more


About wire grass and Bermuda grass, I had been told by several people (not experts) that wire grass and Bermuda grass are at least cousins.
What is the actual link if any, except that they are both a pain in the nexk.
Dave Welser

Cynodon dactylon, bermudagrass is a perennial, warm season grass; also called wiregrass.