Do hanging cucumbers grow longer and thinner

Asked October 14, 2019, 4:47 PM EDT

One year, I planted cucumbers to grow on the ground but they climbed up into a bush and ended up growing as hanging fruit. They came In Longer and the thinner than what I had expected for ground growth. So, do hanging or vertical cucumbers get stretched out by gravity or do they grow about the same as in the ground. Thanks

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Hi- we don't have any research-based information on your specific question. We suspect that trellised fruits may grow straighter (unimpeded growth) than those grown on the ground but they would not be thinner. It's also possible that gardeners miss hidden fruits when vines spread over the ground, leading to the harvest of fewer young (thin) fruits and more over-size fruits. Yields per square foot are increased with trellising and it's possible that fruit pollination increases due to increased accessibility of flowers to pollinators.