Will this plant come up next year?

Asked October 14, 2019, 12:20 PM EDT

I am going to transplant Brazilian Joyweed from a basket to the ground. Will it come up next year? Thanks

Lorain County Ohio

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Brazilian joyweed is a tender perennial from Mexico, the West Indies, Central America and Brazil. It is grown for its richly colored foliage, dense habit and exceptional heat tolerance. This shrubby species grows taller than most. Its leaves are narrowly oval and deep reddish purple or purplish green. Throughout the year, it produces clover-like clusters of small, white flowers. These are airy and pretty but still play second fiddle to the attractive foliage.
For best foliar color, plant Brazilian joyweed in full to partial sun; bright light and heat improve foliage color. Well-drained but moist soil is ideal. Joyweed does not tolerant periods of drought, so be sure to provide it with even moisture at all times. This species is frost sensitive and can only be grown as an outdoor perennial in subtropical to tropical areas. In temperate areas with cold winters it can be grown as a seasonal annual, houseplant or greenhouse specimen. Pinch or head back the plants to maintain a dense, tidy habit. Joyweed may be grown from seed or cuttings.
Joyweed is a great foliage plant for hot, sunny gardens. It makes an eye-catching groundcover when planted in masses and thrives in containers.