Weedy pastures-Normal farm practice?

Asked October 14, 2019, 9:51 AM EDT

I have noticed many pastures that are weedy. We sprayed a pasture to kill everything expecting to plant trees. We were not able to plant the trees and let it grow back into a pasture which was very weedy in the spring. The pasture was about half grass and half weeds and some clover. Most of the weeds were dandelion/cats ear type weeds. There was, also quite a lot of prickly lettuce among other weeds. I know that livestock really like these type of weeds. We had a lot of parentucellia which we mowed as it does not seem to come back. I spot sprayed the thistles and tansy and pulled the hawkweed/hawkbeard as it was not too prevalent. Would this be considered responsible or good farm practice? Thank you!

Marion County Oregon

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Weedy pastures may be common but not recommended. Livestock will eat dandelion but not fond of prickly lettuce, thistles, false dandelion etc. They can be taught to eat thistles but only good forage in a pasture would help them sustain body condition and growth.

Controlling weeds to prevent infestation of a landowner's property and neighboring areas is a good practice.