Plant desease

Asked October 14, 2019, 6:51 AM EDT

I have a garden plot 2' x 20'. Picture 0006 is cucumber leaf with a gray fuzzy "something". Do you have sauggestions of how I may be able to eradicate this from the plot? Perhaps an issue may be the small size of the plot in relation to the amount of any treatment needed? Also is the "something" probably in the ground? Does this change treatment? Picture 0011 is a black something on a Black Brandywine tomato. Does this look like something attacking the plant? If it is an attack on the plantdo you have suggestions treatment? Again might it be in the ground and will this effect treatment? Thank you for the long continuing service.

Wayne County Michigan

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According to a plant pathologist, the disease on your cucumbers is powdery mildew. Creating more air flow and space between plants does help to decrease the chance of this disease. Also, be sure to water at the base and not over the foliage as moisture helps promote it as well. Sometimes, the plants may get it even though you did all of the above, so you can look for disease resistant varieties to plant if it continues to be an issue.

They don't have a positive identification for what might be affecting your tomatoes. Again, good to use a 3" layer of shredded leaves around your plants, water at the base and in the morning. If you haven't gotten a soil test in the last 3 years, it is suggested. That way, you can see what your soil has or is lacking for your tomatoes. Go to: for information on purchasing a soil test.

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