Identify this one!?

Asked October 13, 2019, 11:39 PM EDT

Found in elizabethton, Tennessee. I kinda like it, the designs are really cool and I decided to keep him so he wouldn’t die off this winter. I’ve held him and he doesn’t seem to have the need to attack, but I’d like to know what he is.

Sullivan County Tennessee

1 Response

The spider in the photo is a female banded garden spider (Argiope trifasciata).

Banded garden spiders are typically observed in the fall when the adults are present. They build webs in open grassy areas or open areas between structures, so can be found in gardens and around homes and buildings as well. The adult spiders do not survive the winter. Rather, the females will lay one to a few egg sacs that overwinter. The young spiders hatch out in the spring and develop throughout the summer. They're around that whole time, but since they're small, most of them go unseen until the large adults are present.

Yellow garden spiders are reluctant biters, even when handled, but if you grab and force the spider to bite you it's no worse than a bee sting and should go away on it's own in a few hours.