very narrow, black beetles, 3/8" long

Asked October 12, 2019, 9:14 PM EDT

What are the very narrow, 3/8" long, black beetles on blooms of petunias and dahlias? They were very damaging. I live in NW Nebraska, Dawes Co.


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Based on your description, I suspect they were blister beetles. If damage cannot be tolerated, it us often sufficient in a small garden setting to knock the beetles from the plants into a bucket of soapy water. However, blister beetles produce a compound which is irritating when crushed, so always wear rubber or plastic gloves when handling the beetles.

Kyle, Thank you for replying to my request. After much more researching, I have determined the black beetles are lizard beetles. The photos I found of them were identical to the beetles I had here this summer. I have had them other years, but never that many! I don't know why they are called lizard beetles, they don't look like lizards! Thanks! Jeanne , Chadron NE

You're welcome, Jeanne. Glad you figured it out!