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Asked October 12, 2019, 3:43 PM EDT

My long-needle pine had to be removed two months ago (according to a tree expert) because it had become infected with boring beetles. Now the red-tipped Photinia is showing real distress and is browning (this plant is very close to where the tree was located) so is it possible the insects have hurt it? Also, my pink dogwood is browning at the top more than other places, even though I had watered it and feed it this summer. Tree is about 20 years old, so is it on the way out?

Baltimore County Maryland

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The insects from the pine have not hurt your photinia and dogwood.

In general, this sounds like drought stress. We are receiving questions of many types of plants browning. When a tree shows symptoms at the top this is usually a root type issue such as too much moisture, not enough moisture, etc. which can affect the roots and plants can show dieback. All you can do is keep the plants watered during dry periods. Make sure mulch is no thicker than several inches and away from the base of the trunk.