Are my peonies going to survive what my Gardner did?

Asked October 12, 2019, 10:54 AM EDT

My Gardner decided to cut back my 6 peony bushes in July, leaving only 6 inch stalks & denying them the foliage I expect was needed for them to set up for next years blooms. Will they survive this? Is there any way I can aid in feeding them? They have been blooming magnificently and I am heartbroken to think he has killed them or denied them the two or three weeks of glory when they blossom

Montgomery County Pennsylvania

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Since your peonies have been with you for a while, they have had time to establish a good root system. Don't fertilize now because you don't want to stimulate new growth this late in the season. The best think you can do is make sure the plants have water until the ground freezes, and then mulch the roots to prevent winter damage. In the spring, you should see new shoots as long as the root system had survived.