Ash leaf drop

Asked October 11, 2019, 6:52 PM EDT

20’ tall green Ash lost all of its leaves mid summer (right next to 2 that didn’t, and this is the 2nd property I’ve seen it.) Weird little bundles of sprigs have shown up on many branches. Not Ash flower gall. Ideas? Thank you!

Douglas County Colorado

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the above link has answers to questions regarding Ash trees and possible problems. The Emerald Ash Borer has many things going for itself that have helped its population continue to wreak havoc across Colorado communities. These bright green, metallic beetles are not native to Colorado, so they lack any natural predators that would ordinarily keep their populations in check. They are also able to live in Ash trees for up to four years before visible signs of tree decline are noticed.

EAB is expected to eventually make its way to all Northeast Colorado and perhaps even further. Homeowners can prepare for a possible invasion by protecting existing Ash trees, replacing Ash trees with a different species of tree, learning how to identify True Ash trees, and by knowing the signs of EAB.

Um, you gave me a bunch of EAB info to answer this question. No galleries under the bark, no “D” shaped exit holes, no flagging, no confirmed EAB findings in Douglas County... If you don’t know the answer I understand but please don’t add to the EAB hype. Looking for an actual answer please....

Hello there!

I'm a different gardener and would like to try and help you if you're still open to that. If you are, would you mind including some photo of the tree? Have you noticed if that area has been sprayed or has anything new happening there? In what part of town do you live? Maybe i can better understand and help if I can see a photos of what you're talking about. Leaf drop can occur for a few different reasons and as much info as you can provide, the better. Let me know if you're still in need of help. Thanks for reaching out and the follow up. Have a great day!