Strange Hole in Our Yard

Asked October 11, 2019, 4:17 PM EDT

Hello, We live in Sault Sainte Marie, MI. My husband found an interesting hole in our yard the other night when he just about tripped into it. The hole seems to go straight down, is 29" deep and about 7" in diameter, although it is not a perfect circle. The yard is grass-covered, but the bottom and sides of the hole are all dirt, no grass. The bottom is very flat and most of the inside of this hole is also flat. It's quite clean. We looked at it again today to take some pictures, and there is a small pile of dirt on the bottom now, possibly because I snipped some grass from the edge. The pictures are not very good, as it was hard to get a light and a phone into the hole. It's as if someone took a pipe and pushed it straight down. There is nothing around the hole to suggest a lightening trail, no burnt grass. The area is made up of a soil and sandy gravel mix. Is this a small sinkhole? Will it get bigger? Maybe an extraterrestrial marking? ; ) Thank you very much!


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Hello and thank you for your question about a hole in your lawn. Unfortunately, it must remain a mystery at this time. Being that there is no other evidence than simply a hole there is no way to determine how it came to be.

fill it with soil and see it if things change after a few days.