Need an ID on a plant growing in a landscape, mostly creek rock. Can't...

Asked October 11, 2019, 7:26 AM EDT

Need an ID on a plant growing in a landscape, mostly creek rock. Can't determine if it is a weed or a desirable. Customer is not home to ask.

Hamilton County Ohio

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Hi. I don’t recognize it as a common weed, but those leaves aren’t very distinctive, either. Is that the entire plant or just a portion of it? If just a portion, can you send one or more photos of the entire plant? Features such as the arrangement of the leaves and the overall habit of the plants are very useful for identification. Flowers are particularly useful, but I assume it isn’t flowering right now. Any other information you can provide will be helpful in trying to identify it. Thanks for sending a high-quality image, by the way. That also helps a lot.

That is the entire plant. It isn't waxy and after I pulled that one it started wilting fairly quickly. They are not attached to each other by runners, either, rather they are all individuals.

It sounds like (and looks like) they are relatively young plants, which makes identification difficult given the rather nondescript leaves. It does not look like the seedling of any common weed, such as the common winter annuals that are coming up right now. I’m wondering if they could be from an ornamental in your landscape that went to seed? I would suggest you let one or two mature to see what happens. My guess is that the plant will not flower before winter, but if it is a perennial, it will survive and make its identity known next spring. Since they are easy to pull up, I also do not think they are going to cause any major maintenance issues, but I would only leave a couple just to be safe. Sorry I can't be more helpful!

I hope the next time i am on the property that the homeowner will be home. Oddly enough, it is popping up in random places and i sprayed those with Roundup. My background: BA Biology 1982, Ohio Northern University and have worked as a crew leader doing landscape maintenance for almost 20 years. I'm thinking it may be something from another state. Thank you for your help!