Meadow on top of Septic Drain Field

Asked October 10, 2019, 5:20 PM EDT

Looking for guidance in converting the grass lawn above our septic drain field into a meadow. It is less that 1/8 pf an acre and has hardwood trees on two sides. My concern is to not impact the underground pipes and to encourage growth besides lawn.

Talbot County Maryland

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Happily, you have many options other than grass/turf.
Take a look at this page from our website about lawn alternatives:

Meadows, native warm season grasses, flowers and perennials are all appropriate for planting over a septic field. You may want to do a slow conversion of an area at a time if you are working by yourself.

It's technical, but this is chock full of good info:
Ernst Seed out of PA has seed mixes for what you are considering.