Colorado Spruce decline

Asked October 10, 2019, 3:43 PM EDT

Hi again! We have many Colorado spruce that are in decline and an arborist says that they should be removed before they fall down. Another company tells us that, they use wedgell spikes inserted into the trees. They said they save trees all over the county, and the state using this system. This would be great if it were true, but I have checked your website and don't see you heralding this "cure." Since I trust you guys, what can you tell me about this method? Many thanks, Jan Bridgman

Oakland County Michigan

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I could not find anything about Wedgell spikes and I am not sure of the compounds (fertilizer, fungicide??), application etc. So I can't comment on its effectiveness. There are a number of factors in spruce decline including; site, weather, and insects. Additionally, there are three principle types of diseases that affect blue spruce trees: needlecasts, tip blights and canker diseases. Foliar applied fungicides can help control needlecasts and tip blights. Currently registered fungicides do not cure needles already infected, but they protect the newest growth as it emerges. I am not aware of any research that has shown control of cankers diseases with fungicides.