Caterpillar in Montmorency County

Asked October 10, 2019, 10:06 AM EDT

This morning (10-10-19) I found this unwelcome visitor on our outdoor porch. Is this the caterpillar that has gotten some recent news coverage about being poisonous? I killed the caterpillar and disposed of it. Otherwise my wife was moving into a hotel. We are on Long Lake north of Hillman. Steve

Montmorency County Michigan

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That was a caterpillar of the American dagger moth. I have never heard of any issues with it being poisonous. The hairs could possibly irritate the skin of some people.

I looked up the article that probably led to the news coverage. I believe to to be a lot of hype and very little substance. This is a very common species that I've never had any trouble with when handling it, nor have students of mine that have collected the caterpillar for my classes.