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Asked October 9, 2019, 9:21 PM EDT

Sand Hill Cranes have made a mess of our front and back lawn lately. My husband bought some grass seed to fill in the numerous bare patches. I noticed the label on what he purchased had: 4.00% Rebel XLP Tall Fescue, 2.80% Rebel IV Tall Fescue, 0.95% Survivor Chewings Fescue, 0.95% Trex Perennial Ryegrass, 0.80% Mallard Kentucky Bluegrass, 0.50% Oracle Red Fescue. I think the majority of our lawn is Kentucky Blue Grass (from sod). Due to work done in our yard, we now have a variety of different grasses. I dislike the really fine grass (as it layes over a lot) and this thick grass that grows in a large round clump. I don't think this mixture is a good choice. What is your opinion? Purchase seed that has more KB grass? We have sandy soil, most (90%) of our grass receives a lot of sun, and we have a sprinkler system for watering.

Oakland County Michigan

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The grasses in the list are selected to blend together, and be of even texture and color.. That said , they may not be an exact match for the sod. Mixes with higher content of fescues will be more able to thrive in less than 8 full sun hours per day.

You may want to select a blend with higher total percentages of KBG varieties. The alternative would be to purchase some rolls of sod, cut it to the size of the bare areas and fit it in. This can be done now.

Here are some references on selecting seed and varieties of seed-

KBG from seed takes about 21 days to germinate, and even longer in cold weather.

If you decide to seed, take a look at this article-

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