Blueberry plant variety for Greilickville area

Asked October 9, 2019, 4:39 PM EDT

Dear MSU Cooperative Extension, I have a south facing slope near the north end of Cedar Lake, just off M-22. Interested in a VARIETY of blueberry plant which might do well on it. There is a natural water seep on the hill, so could locate the plants to take advantage of wet or moist ground. I might try six plants to start. Happy to chat if need be. My cell 714.882.0310. Many thanks, Bill Kurtz, MSU '74

Leelanau County Michigan

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There are a number of blueberry varieties that might work well in your area. NONE of them will if your soil conditions are not acid enough. It is very important that you have your soil tested to see what the current pH level is (a measure of the level of acidity) and if the pH is higher than 5.5 you will have to amend the soil with sulfur before planting and keep checking the pH annually to know when it may need to be added again. The key to blueberry variety selection is choosing the earliest-ripening varieties that you can find, as the later varieties are severely attacked by a devastating insect called the spotted wing drosophila. Even the earliest varieties will be infested, but not to the same degree as the later ones. There is no good solution to managing spotted wing drosophila on blueberries in a home garden, given the sorts of insecticides that are available to the homeowner.