Lawn care using corn gluten

Asked October 9, 2019, 3:43 PM EDT

I’ve been doing research on using corn gluten for lawns but realize that I may have been using the wrong kind of corn gluten. Could you identify the best product and where it can be purchased.

Oakland County Michigan

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Field trials on corn gluten, where under taken, have not shown consistent positive
results. Read more here;

That said and reading between the lines, there is considerable detail involved in applying corn gluten correctly such as timing, application rates, and more. If you believe what the organic community has to say about it, for which we can't vouch or, there are 2 types of corn gluten, low protein and high protein. Seems you can't get the protein analysis form the bag itself however, and price might be the best gauge. If however you are following application instructions for the product you are using, you should be getting the best results, for that issue anyway. Read more here:

While using corn gluten for weed control is not new, traditional weed control is always the most effective when approached correctly. Mowing high is the single best thing that can be done to promote the dense lawn desired. Dense to the point that there is no room for weeds and crabgrass to grow, plus the higher turf growth tends to block out the sunlight needed for germination. From my own personal experience, mowing high plus timely watering and fertilizing will produce a healthy robust lawn with little to no herbicide use, if soil tests out appropriately for optimal lawn growth. Read more here:

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