Green English walnuts

Asked October 9, 2019, 3:33 PM EDT

I'm interested in finding some green, as in young, English walnuts. Is this still grown in OR? Of course, we're know for hazelnuts, but only 9 seconds ago I learned OR did, or does, grow these also.

Any ideas? I don't need too much.

Klamath County Oregon

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Hi, thanks for using ask an Expert for your question about walnuts. While both walnuts and hazelnuts are grown in Oregon, they are not grown in our region, but in the western part of the state.
Here's an excerpt from our publication on growing walnuts that explains why:
When the growing season
is unusually cool, thin shells,
shell perforation, and shriveled
kernels can be a problem.
Under the mild climatic
conditions of western Oregon
walnut-growing areas, trees are
slow to attain full dormancy
in fall and early winter. As a
consequence, early cold periods
may severely injure many trees.
Spring frosts damage walnut
crops much more frequently
than winter freezes injure trees.
Varieties that leaf out very early
may be injured by spring frosts
and should not be considered
for Oregon. Even late-leafi ng
varieties such as ‘Franquette’
can be injured by late-spring
frosts if trees are located in a
frost pocket.

You can find the entire document here:
Sorry, not aware of any local walnuts that you may be able to find. There may be one or two random trees around Klamath where people have tried to grow walnuts, but there no commercial sources.

Thanks, NIcole