spiderwort and forsythia

Asked October 9, 2019, 10:53 AM EDT

This is a wonderful site for this inexperienced gardener. Thank you 1. I spiderwort invasive? 2. I was given a forsythia bush last summer. It is planted in full sun and looks very healthy except in the spring I got a tiny row of flowers....should I be pruning it? If so, when and how much? Thanks!

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Spiderwort is a native plant that will self seed if you do not deadhead (remove spent flowers. https://www.minnesotawildflowers.info/flower/spiderwort
Forsythia blooms in early spring on the buds created the previous season. Forsythia buds should be pruned off immediately after they finish blooming. If you have an older plant then remove 1/4 of the larger stems to the ground. Forsythia may not bloom if we have a severely cold winter and late freeze.