Survival of my hibiscus

Asked October 9, 2019, 9:10 AM EDT

I have 3 hibiscus that I would like to transplant. They are suited for our northern climate. When is a good time to do this , now or spring? The deer are feeding on them and want to get them closer to the house.
what is the best type of lighting for them?

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Thanks for the question.

Now (early October 2019) would not be a good time to transplant your hibiscus. It is about a month too late. Most transplanted perennials need between four and six weeks of rain and warm temperatures to re-establish their root systems in order to make it through the impending winter. Transplant them in early spring 2020 once the soil is workable. Cut back the dead growth from 2019 and carefully dig up the roots.

In the meantime, be sure that your hibiscus are well watered this fall up until the ground starts to freeze. Adding two or three inches of wood mulch around their base would be a good proactive move. Here are a few publications that will provide further information (including lighting) on these and other points:

Good Luck!!

Thanks! Most helpful. What a service for the community.

Hi Pauline,

You are most welcome. Hibiscus are beautiful plants. They start blooming just when we gardeners think everything is done blooming.

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