Asked October 8, 2019, 4:18 PM EDT

I have mushrooms growing in my back yard. I'm not sure how to identify them but I would like to know if they are poisonous or maybe even edible. We have dogs so I definitely would like to know if they are dangerous.

The first two pictures are of the same mushroom. One was taken while the mushroom was still in the ground and the other is after I dug it up so you can see the underside.

Williams County North Dakota

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They should not be eaten. you can remove them by picking or mowing. this will prevent their spreading. The wet weather has caused them. They are a sign that your soil is fertile. They grow on decaying organic matter. This can be excessive thatch. You might want to de-thatch your lawn in the spring if it has built up. With normal conditions they should not be a problem in the future.

Thank you. I'm glad to know our soil is fertile. For curiosity's sake, what species of mushroom are they? How dangerous are they to dogs?

I am no expert on mushrooms. so I won't even try to guess what they are. From what I read they usually would just make you sick if eaten. I have had mushrooms in my yard and have two dogs. They don't seem to bother them. Hopefully with the cold weather and normal conditions they won't continue to be a problem. I don't know anyone who is an expert on mushrooms.