Lowering soil PH

Asked October 8, 2019, 4:13 PM EDT

A soil test in 2018 indicated my garden soil's PH was around 8 or slightly above and I would like it a little lower, more around 6 to 7 range ( I understand this range is good for tomatoes). My garden is roughly 20ft X 25ft. With fall garden cleanup and tillage, I would like to know;

A) Should I use Sulphur and

B) How much should I use to lower the Ph about a point.

Thank you!


St. Clair County Michigan soil ph lowering soil ph

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Hello Paul,

I looked up your soil test code from your previous question-Y23QM9. If you are referring to a different test, please let me know.

Your soil type is loam, and your pH measured at 7.7. Based on this you can add 25 lbs sulfur per 1000sq ft, or you can add 64 lbs ammonium sulfate per 1000sq ft., worked into the soil. The pH measurement is logarithmic, so there is a difference between 7.7 and 8.

It takes time, temperature and soil microbial activity for pH to change, so you can skip a year after application, then apply the sulfur again. By then it would be a good idea to repeat the soil test.

Here is a link to lowering soil pH—


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Excellent! Thank you Laura! I'll follow what you suggested.


Glad this helps! Remember to calculate your own square footage, and apply accordingly.