Green Tomatoes

Asked October 8, 2019, 2:41 PM EDT

I have several dozen tomatoes that still are on the vine and have not yet turned pink or red. I am concerned that an early frost may damage them before they ripen. In response to an earlier question, an expert told me that if I picked the tomatoes when they turn pink and put them on a window sill they would ripen and I found this to be true. If I do so while they still are green, will they eventually ripen ... or must they be pink?

Charles County Maryland

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Hi - If your tomatoes already have some pink color, they will ripen indoors. The same is not true for green tomatoes. If you pick green tomatoes and bring them in, they will not ripen. Here is a recent blog article about this.

You can use green tomatoes in recipes such as fried green tomatoes, chutney, etc.