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Asked October 8, 2019, 12:41 PM EDT

I have an Ash tree that is at least 20 years old and is splitting down the middle. I will have to have it removed. This tree has provided the shade in my back yard. Now I need suggestions on what kind of tree to plant to replace this tree.

I would like a tree that does not drop seeds (if possible), will grow fairly quickly and will provide the shade that I need. I am in the Security/Widefield area. I thank your for your help.

Garfield County Colorado

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We have several publications that give a broad range of trees that are well-suited for Colorado landscapes. These documents include the mature size, growth rate, and landscape requirements. I would encourage you to select a tree that suits your preferences from these.

For deciduous trees:

For evergreen trees:

For natives:

When planting trees in your landscape, it is also advisable to do a soil test, to be better informed about the nutrients in your soil, and what it may be lacking. You can learn more about our soil testing lab here:
and you can pick up a soil testing kit at the Garfield County Extension Office: 1001 Railroad Ave. (Rifle).


Thank you for all the information. Is there someplace in Colorado Springs that can test my soil? I live across from Ft. Carson. I think the soil here is very alkaline.

You should be able to get a soil testing kit from the El Paso County Extension Office:

Give them a call to make sure that they have the kits in stock: (719) 520-7675