Overwinter Hen and Chick succulents that are in a pot

Asked October 8, 2019, 9:46 AM EDT

What is the best way to overwinter my Hen and Chick succulents that I have in a pot.

Brown County Minnesota

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They will not survive unprotected in a pot outdoors overwinter. You have a few choices, in order of preference.

You can sink the pot into the ground. Use an annual bed (or vegetable garden). I'd also cover them with a winter mulch of leaves or leaf bags around the end of November. Water thoroughly throughout the fall.

You can bring them into a cold - but not too cold - space, such as a garage or 3-season porch. Depending on how cold the space gets, you might still want to insulate them - store the pot in a bag of leaves, for instance. Keep track that they have sufficient, but not too much, moisture.

You can try to overwinter it indoors. This is the least preferable option, since our winter indoor environment (too warm, too dry, too dark) is hardly ideal. Watch carefully for insects.

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