Mites must go away

Asked October 8, 2019, 2:17 AM EDT

Hi my name is Mr Mckail been having these problems for months spreaded from a recent property in my clothes everything mites non stop itching what can I do.

Outside United States

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You will need to follow a course to get control. Try to keep birds and mice/rats from the home. Then apply approved materials to knock down mite levels. As seen with fleas, you may need to make a re-application to continue to kill mites that are hatching from eggs. See:

Thank You, G.

Hi thanks for the reply I have a question does permethrin cream or spray kill them I have been going threw this for a long time and it seems to spread.

It should. Materials with Carbaryl, and Rayvap (a blended organophosphate product) spray will also kill the mites. DEET sprays on people should repel the mites long enough to vacuum them up.