Composting options for condo owner

Asked October 7, 2019, 4:17 PM EDT

I live in Leisure World and would like to start composting my vegetable food scraps and whatever else is allowable. There are no options within LW even though they have garden plots. I've reached out to people outside of LW and have received a few offers, but one suggested that I contact you all. I don't think I want a worm box. I know Mom's market takes compost, but I'd prefer something closer. Also , if I find someone close who'll accept my scraps, what's the best way to collect and transport it?Thanks for your help

Montgomery County Maryland composting

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Hi- since there is no garden space for bury kitchen scraps and you are not interested in a worm bin, it seems the only options for you are for food scrap pick-up at your home or food scrap delivery by you to a collection site.

Please contact the Montgomery Co. Dept. of Environmental Protection to learn what options exist for Montgomery Co. residents:
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