latest planting date for perennial landscape plugs

Asked October 7, 2019, 12:07 PM EDT

Hi there, I am working on a home conservation landscaping project in which I'd like to include the plants below. Estimated installation date is 11/4/2019. Do you think this is too late in the year for the plants to survive the winter? Thanks! Eli Geranium maculatum Carex rosea Clematis virginiana Matteuccia struthiopteris Scutellaria incana Waldsteinia fragarioides Tiarella cordifolia Stylophorum diphyllum

Montgomery County Maryland

3 Responses

Hi - You can plant plugs of these plants as late as 11/4/2019, but you should mulch the area afterward to provide winter protection. Water everything in very well since we have been in a drought. Also, you may have to check the area in the winter to see if there is any frost heaving of plants due to freeze/thaw cycles and then tuck any heaved plants back in. Mulch will help to regulate soil temperature fluctuations. As long as the planting area has adequate soil moisture, you should be able to get good root establishment even with a late planting.