Asked October 7, 2019, 12:29 AM EDT

Large swaths of mature pachysandra are turning black, wilting and dying Why is this and how do I stop it? How do I regenerate the pachysandra

Sussex County Delaware

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Thank you for your question to the Delaware Cooperative Extension. Pachysandra has many cultivars and it is difficult to determine what the exact issue is without seeing the actual plant. If you are interested, you can bring a sample to your local cooperative extension office for evaluation. The following link provides the form and some information regarding that process. The sample can be dropped off at your counties local cooperative extension office -

Here is a wonderful web site from Clemson Cooperative Extension surrounding pachysandra:

This Penn State Extension resource explores the many disease options for Pachysandra and includes some images which may prove helpful:

Thank you for our question.

How do I correct these swaths of Volutella in my pachysandra beds?
Do I need to tear them out and replant anew or is there some less draconian solution?
Also, how do I prevent this in the future?
from reoccurring

Also, if replacing is necessary, when is the best time of year to do it ?

If you are referring to volutella blight, there are many options available for removal, management, and prevention. This Missouri Botanical Gardens site addresses several of these.

As previously recommended, providing a sample to the local cooperative extension for positive identification is highly recommended.

Thank you for your question.