What happened to those pears?

Asked October 6, 2019, 4:47 PM EDT

Please see attached file: Those pears's surface is uneven. And inside, there are a lot of harden points which can not be eaten. Please advice me what happened of those pears and how to prevent it next year. Thanks a lot.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Hi- your fruits may be exhibiting these symptoms for one or more reasons:
Stink bug feeding that could distort the fruit and would lead to many small, hard spots right under the fruit skin at the feeding sites.
Bitter pit can cause fruit distortion and leads to small, hard, brown spots anywhere between the core and the skin. It's caused by a lack of calcium in the fruit due to dry weather and a lack of irrigation (even when there is sufficient calcium in the soil).
Stone cells (grit cells) are collections of cells that buildup thickened cell walls and are normal in pear. Larger and more numerous clusters of stone cells can result from environmental stress, such as hot, dry weather.

The best thing you can do next year is to keep your pear tree well-watered during extended dry periods.