Coughing hen

Asked October 6, 2019, 8:54 AM EDT

My hen has been coughing for 2 weeks now.  Mabye a little more.  I gave her tetracycline for 5 days but it did  not work.  I thought she could have worms so she also had dewormer too.  She never had a runny nose or any secretions.  She is a new hen that i bought and i put her in isolation from others.  I bought her at a private place from a women who only have 4 hen that she made hatch at her house.  But i know that mycoplasma gallisepticum is transmissible to the egg...  So do you think it can be that? 

Outside United States

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If it is a respiratory infection it is most likely viral, in which case an antibiotic won't help much. If it is a bacterial infection of some sort, it may be tetracycline resistant. Here in the US, tetracycline hasn't been found to be overly effective, although antibiotics are now hard to purchase anyway. It could be mycoplasmosis, which IS transmissible through the egg to the offspring, though it doesn't make people sick.

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