two questions about bermuda grass

Asked October 5, 2019, 7:46 PM EDT

Dear Maryland Extension, Could I ask two questions? 1. After reseeding, I'm letting our grass grow for a couple weeks before mowing. I see that the bermuda grass patches are kind of sticking up in waves, and I can even put my hand under the tufts. What is that about? See my two photos. 2. About a fifth of my lawn now consists of bermuda grass. Could you tell me how I could get rid of the bermuda grass?

Montgomery County Maryland

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Bermuda grass is a vining plant and can get high, bushy, and weedy. Spreads aggressively by strong, wiry stolons (above ground runners).
Look at mechanical options for control.

Replies to lawn weed control questions from people in Montgomery now need to allow for the Montgomery County Pesticide Law. The Court of Special Appeals of Maryland recently ruled in favor of the law restricting the use of pesticides on private lawns and childcare facility grounds in Montgomery County. This is a new law and Montgomery County officials are still deciding on how to proceed. The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection has information about the law and organic lawn care on their website

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