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Asked October 4, 2019, 1:20 PM EDT

Recently we have been under attack by a woodpecker. The back of our house is wooded. We have cedar siding and have not experienced woodpeckers before. I see a single hole which is almost 2 inches wide. I have seen 2 woodpeckers, although only one seems to peck – maybe a pair. I can hear him when I am in the house and can scare him away. He is returning less often (every other day) but is still there. Knowing that they are looking for food, I did spray some insecticide into the hole, but it is hard to reach. We will be leaving Michigan in about a month and will be gone for 6 months so are seriously concerned about what will happen in the meantime. We are looking for solutions. PS I realize that woodpeckers are protected.

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According to a wildlife specialist, he has this suggestion:
'If it’s a sapsucker, then it likes the noise. Probably not a sapsucker though. It certainly senses something behind the siding. Too late to be constructing nest cavities. My guess (guess!) is that after the two-inch hole it might be done, or almost done. In the meantime, you could nail-up a metal barrier or heavy mesh. And then, see what it looks like when you arrive home.'

It sure looked like a woodpecker (I looked them up). I think it it was making a nest because He was rearranging the insulation. What about cleaning it out a bit and putting in some foam insulation? I sprayed in bug spray as I read that the main goal was food. That seem to calm things down but I know it’s not going to last.

What concerns me most of the damage that could be done while I am away for six months. Should I hire someone professional? $$$$$$$$

So, the suggestion from the wildlife specialist was to nail up a metal barrier or mesh across the hole. I guess if you're not satisfied that this will 'cure' the problem, then, it's up to you whether or not you'd like to call someone another professional.