Fiddle Leaf Fig Growth

Asked October 4, 2019, 8:19 AM EDT

Hello! My fiddle lead fig was not happy in its original home due to not enough light (I was a super novice plant owner and just didn’t understand). It dropped a lot of leaves and I did some reading to see what I should do. I moved it to much better light and it is SO MUCH HAPPIER! We still have a ways to go before it’s as happy as my other plants, but we’re getting there... I have lots of new growth at the tops of the branches but the bottom is still very bare and I worry about the support of the tree. My question is 2-fold: 1. What can I do to encourage new leaf growth along the branches and not just at the tops? 2. What can I do to offer my tree more support so the new top growth doesn’t put too much stress on the trunk? Thanks so much!!

Baltimore Maryland

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To encourage new leaf growth, prune to just above the bottom set of leaves on the branches. This can be done in late February-March to push new growth.
If you need support now, you can use any type of stake but pruning will help with support and make it more bushy.
You can also try to root the cuttings.

If the plant was outdoors, check for insects before bringing back indoors.
The plant will not be in an active growth period due to lack of light. From now until February the plant will be receiving the least amount of light and there may be a temperature drop. Let the top half of the mixture dry out before watering from late fall to winter. Do not overwater.