Seeding a barricade

Asked October 3, 2019, 4:08 PM EDT

My back yard is 90% stiltgrass and sunny. the stillgrass has already turned brown. I have been thinking about over-seeding with tall fescue now and applying Barricade in the spring. Would I be wasting my seeds now? Would the Barricade kill any young grass seeds that may come up. In my front yard, I have only about 5% still grass. I have been applying ACCLAIM in mid summer to keep it in check. I have been thinking about seeding in the spring and spot treating with Acclaim after waiting several months (mid summer). My lawn mowing guy said that you might want to try some Barricade now in the front and and should be fine for seeding in the spring. Does this make sense. Would I be wasting the Barricade now? Thanks

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Japanese Stiltgrass is troubling invasive plant.
Luckily it is an annual grass that doesn't germinate until spring in our area, and the pre-emergent herbicides that prevent crabgrass also work on it, but just is put down a couple of weeks earlier.
So go ahead and seed now- the window for seeding grass is quickly closing-. Mid-October is the traditional end of the period for seeding, but it has been so incredibly dry and hot that it is just now possible without close attention to water (which still may be needed) Hopefully the first frost will hold off until the grass is mature enough to survive. It is a risk that is not entirely predictable.
You cannot use Barricade and seed at the same time. Likewise, if you are trying to use Barricade now for stiltgrass suppression, yes it would be wasted.

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