fall planting of swamp milkweed

Asked October 3, 2019, 3:01 PM EDT

I bought some swamp milkweed seeds to plant this fall. They will be planted in a low-lying stretch in our backyard that is usually wet but with full sun. I had read fall planting was good but the directions on the seed make it sound like they need to be cold stratified? Its asking for 40 degree temps followed by 60 to 70 degrees. Am I okay to plant in a week or two? Or do I wait for after the first frost? Thank you for your help. Gardening is very new to me and I'm surprised at how much I enjoy it but also how overwhelming it all is.

Olmsted County Minnesota

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It is alright to plant the seeds now. It should be near freezing by the weekend. Press the seeds gently into the soil and barely cover it. They should germinate in spring.