grass like weed??

Asked October 3, 2019, 11:59 AM EDT

On a sunny,dry hillside in Estes Park I planted some native grasses and watered quite a bit this year to establish the growth. In one 10 ft square area this grass pictured below came up but really is absent in most of the other areas. I wonder if it is a noxious grass encouraged by the abnormal watering. The rest of the grasses are fescues and blue grama that I sowed from seed from Pawnee Seed company in Greeley. This grass has very fine leaves with what appears to be a perfusion of tiny seeds on the ends or along the leaf spikes. It is a low growing grass no more than 5-6 inches tall.

Weld County Colorado

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Hi, this is Steve and thank you for your question. To get the best answer to your question I' m going to ask you to send these pictures to the Weld County Weed Management team. They should be able to positively id the weed and give info on control if needed. Here is the website with email on the right side of the page. The next best would be to bring a sample of the grass to either of the Larimer County Extension Office or the Weld County Extension Office. Best of luck.