Mold/Fungus on lawn and plants?

Asked October 3, 2019, 10:01 AM EDT

Hi there,
I recently moved in to a townhouse (first time owner), and am redoing the landscaping completely. I put in a small temporary raised bed to grow some vegetables, as well as removing the mulch lawn and seeding microclover as a lawn replacement. Unfortunately we had a mushroom problem begin in late august when the rains hit, and it has spread to my raised veggie bed. Recently, I also found a mold looking thing on the dirt where my clover is growing. I am unsure about the safety of this, especially the mushrooms in my veggie garden! In the photos the mushrooms are wilted, but earlier in the morning they have grey/white caps about an inch diameter, you can see new ones coming up. Also, earlier in the morning the mold looking substance was whiter.

Montgomery County Maryland

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None of what you are seeing is unsafe, so not to worry, just don't eat them.

Mushrooms and fungi pop up when conditions are just right for them, that is when there is a good deal of moisture and humidity. They don't last long and tend to quickly dry, but if you don't like them you can just knock them down.
The ones in your veggie bed are growing on your wood mulch (they naturally help wood break down). They are very common and are in the Coprinus family.
If they bother you, you would be less likely to host them if you switched to a mulch of straw or newspaper. Pull that mulch you have back from the stems of your plants. You don't want plant parts staying wet for long periods of time which can invite disease.


Thank you so much! You have no idea how much anxiety you have saved me. I will definitely be switching to straw next year just for aesthetics alone!